Our immune system is designed as our power-house defence against illness and disease. However the stress of daily life can disrupt this finely tuned electrical and chemical system within our body that takes care of us, making us more vulnerable to illness and disease.

The mind plays a very important role in our physical health and wellbeing.  The ability to control and direct our emotional response to every day happenings, events and situations is the key to maintaining immune system health, and our mind body health and wellbeing.

A proven effective & natural method for achieving optimum mental health is with a daily meditation practice, designed to calm the mind and bring your attention to the present moment.  The ability to bring your attention to the present moment with the simple meditation method developed for people with busy lives is based on an ancient technique which can be integrated into every activity you do in your every day life, also known as the practice of living mindfully, or living with conscious awareness.

When living mindfully with conscious awareness is combined with the ancient movement healing arts such as Yoga or Tai Chi, or a physical activity of your choice such as swimming, or outdoor walking, along with a sensible nutrition plan consisting of genuine contaminant-free natural organic and wholefoods, you have a perfect recipe for mind body health and longevity.

Founder, Pythagoras Insitute
of Sound & Virational Healing
and Yoga Nidra School