Sharon Quigley BA (T&D), CBH, Dip IT, Dip Arch, OESF

Sharon’s background is Information Technology, Compliance & Risk Assessment, Education, Residential & Commercial Architecture & Structural Building Design.

Sharon commenced her professional career in her homeland Australia where she worked as a Software Engineer.  During a successful 12 year international career Sharon worked in many leading roles including Analyst Programmer, Object Oriented Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Security & Data Encryption Specialist, User Interface Designer, Technical Writer.   With diverse experience on a range of commercial & enterprise systems including Compliance & Risk Management, Scientific Data Management, Newspaper Publishing, Smart Card Systems & Network Security, Sharon travelled to the USA, Holland and the UK to work alongside Environmental Engineers and Systems Architects where she quickly proved her ability to adapt to changing environments and work effectively in strategic teams. 

In 2002 Sharon moved away a successful IT career and for the next 6 years worked as a College Lecturer at her local College of Technical and Further Education.   Sharon loved to teach and was keen to gain further qualifications.  First studying for her Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training followed by a Bachelor of Arts (Training & Development) at Edith Cowan University.   Teaching for the Diversity & Equity Department including Nala Maya, Aboriginal Studies annex and Migrant Studies..  Sharon later taught Builders Registration Diploma classes one evening per week.  

Sharon studied her Diploma of Architectural Design & Techology while also teaching.  This led to 2 years working for one of Perth’s biggest building companies.  Sharon transitioned rapidly from Draftsperson to Assistant to Head of Design within 6 months, where she gained extensive experience in custom home designs for city and suburban settings as well as a range of residential multi-unit developments.  

Over the next 10 years Sharon established herself as a sought after freelance natural building and solar passive design specialist, designing energy-efficient homes made from rammed earth, straw bale, clay, timber and all natural materials including building structural design for structural design engineers David Lavell & Associates, numerous building designs for Robert Parker Homes, Steve James Registered Builder, Murchison Rammed Earth, Rammed Earth Alternatives Australia, Strawtegic Concepts straw bale builders and was a professional member of the Australian Institute of Building Designers.

Sharon continued further studies in topics of interest, gaining further qualifications in areas of spirituality and holistic healing, including Reiki healing, sound therapy, sound healing and meditation, including an extended visit to India to spend time at a nature care retreat centre and a spiritual mission which was a huge inspiration for her spiritual journey. 

During this time Sharon was also active helping others and volunteering in her community, served 2 years as a committee member of Ausbale, the Australasian Straw Bale Building Association, was an active member of the Avon Valley Environmental Society for many years, and worked every Thursday for 2 years as a volunteer wildlife carer at the nearby Chidlow Marsupial Hospital.

Emigrating to Ireland in 2012, Sharon continued her studies in various areas of holistic and spiritual healing.  Sharon now enjoys teaching inspiring personal & spiritual development, including her own inspiring womens workshops, sound & music therapy classes and practitioner training, yoga and yoga nidra and nature therapy along with spiritual healing. 

In December 2018 Sharon returned to India to study Nada Yoga teacher training (Yoga & Music Therapy).   Sharon is also experienced in event management having organised various music festivals and fundraising music events in Ireland and Northern Ireland in the past few years.

With a diverse lifetime of experience in many roles, what Sharon enjoys the most about her work is inspiring others to acheive their dreams.

Vocational studies include:

  • Bachelor of Arts Training & Development (Aust)
  • Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training (Aust)
  • Dip. Architectural Design Technology (Aust)
  • Certified Housing Industry Association Greensmart Professional (Aust)
  • Dip Computer Programming Tech (Aust)
  • Dip CBH; Dip CH, Dip ABD; Dip CP;
  • Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher
  • Dip Sound Therapy
  • Authentic Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Diploma of Spirituality & Religion
  • Registered Solemniser of Marriages.

Founder of Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing

Founaer of iTransform Yoga Nidra & Yoga Nidra School